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Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice

Product image 1Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice
Product image 2Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice - LittlePlasticFootprint
Product image 3Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice
Product image 4Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice - LittlePlasticFootprint
Product image 5Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice
Product image 6Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice
Product image 7Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice
Product image 8Solid Dish Soap- Make Nice

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Our solid dish soap is a perfect zero waste option that cuts grease while staying gentle on your hands. This powerhouse cleaner can even take stains out for your clothes or spot clean your carpet. 

Comes in Unscented or Activated charcoal.Activated Charcoal has toxin absorbing and antibacterial properties. It absorbs and binds to harmful microbials so they can be flushed away.

Completely fragrance-free.

Each cube replaces up to 3 bottles of liquid soap. Ditch the plastic! 



Activated Charcoal: Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide, activated charcoal
Unscented: Cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, olea europaea (olive) oil, aqua, sodium hydroxide,
How to Use

Create suds by rubbing the solid dish soap with a brush or sponge.
Wash and rinse well.
Use warm water for best results.

ABOUT Make Nice

The founder of Make Nice started the company when they were unable to find an alternative to dish soap in plastic bottles.

After many months of making samples and testing them with friends, the finally got to Make Nice Company's Solid Dish Soap. 

Each cube is handmade and packaged by Make Nice Company!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Wanted to love it

I’d really love to get away from plastic bottles. However, like every other bar soap I’ve used, including shampoo bars, this leaves a soap film. I don’t like the feel of that.

Grace O.
Great soap!

Has a great lather to it, other reviews I saw were not lying! Lots of bubbles with little effort. Just to let everybody know, I live a fragrance free life, and this does still have a "natural" ish kind of soap scent (herb smelling). So if you want this to smell like next to nothing, this ain't it, but if you have perfume sensitivity like me, it doesn't bother me.

Ellen Milley
Perfect for littles and bigs

Love this solid dish soap bar! It’s perfect for the whole family. I love that it’s cute, my girls love that it’s super sudsy, and my husband loves that the six year old can’t waste it as it doesn’t pour out of a bottle. It’s been such a great alternative to purchasing a bottle of dish soap (plus this choice is super eco friendly as well!)

Great alternative to dishwashing soap in a bottle

This cleans as well as dishsoap in a bottle. I find I use less soap overall. However, when soaking, they say to place whole thing in the pot, but I prefer using a drop of reg dish soap for soaking dishes. Little Footprint provided stellar service!! Love the shop.

Hilary B.
Love it!

I've been looking for ways to be more eco-friendly and support local and this product caught my eye! Super easy to use and works great. I use it with the burlap sponges and the beachwood dish brush and they all work really well together. Even though it is advertised as "unscented" I did find it had a scent and I actually wasn't a fan at first but it grew on me. Will be buying this product again- but not for a while since it lasts so long!

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