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Rose Gold Safety Razor - Lisse Shave

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Product image 2Rose Gold Safety Razor - Lisse Shave - LittlePlasticFootprint
Product image 3Rose Gold Safety Razor - Lisse Shave - LittlePlasticFootprint

Regular price $60.00

Meet your shaving grace!

High performing, beautiful in design, with a firm focus on reducing your plastic waste.

Great for:
- A closer, smoother shave (no need to shave as often!)
- Limiting ingrown hairs and razor irritation
- Ditching the plastic
- Saving money on razor refills

You're empowering women:
- 2% of gross sales goes straight to Lisse Shaves Charity Partner, Femme International.

- 1 x Rose Gold Safety Razor
- 5 x Rockwell replacement blades (35+ shaves dependent on hair type)

Why Switch to a Safety Razor?

Safety razors are far kinder on your skin with just a single blade that removes the hair from the surface of your skin. The result? The closest and smoothest shave you've had yet. It's also beautifully weighted so you don't need to apply pressure, just let the razor do the work! 

Our Safety Razor is made from solid brass* and with proper care, it will last for years. Sure the initial investment in a safety razor is more significant than a conventional razor upfront, however, the blades are a fraction of the cost of multi-blade cartridges, so you'll be saving your pocket (and the environment!) in the long run.

ABOUT Lisse Shave

Amy is the one-woman show behind the scenes of Lisse, based in Vancouver, BC. Initially, the environment was her biggest driver to start dabbling in the world of safety razors. What Amy didn't realize though was how much of a better shave it was!  I couldn't believe it had taken me so long to make the switch!


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