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Natural Deodorant - PLANTiful

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PLANTiful designed these deodorants to work with your natural detoxifying system in your body - the mighty lymphatic system! The ingredients are simple, effective and help your body detoxify by drawing toxins out through your skin via your sweat like your body is naturally designed to do. Being a toxin-free product, it won't be adding any toxins to your body either.

These deodorant formulas are made using a very small number of ingredients, which in combination, all work together to help combat odour and leave you feeling fresh all day without any of those nasty ingredients found in many deodorants!

What you WILL find in these products: Fair-trade shea butter*, Alberta wildflower beeswax, castor oil*, baking soda (aluminum-free), arrowroot powder*, and essential oils*. * = organic.

We offer 2 blends to help keep you smelling fresh and clean all day!

  • Lavender Moon - A Lavender & Lemongrass blend you will be mooning over.
  • Get Fresh With me blend - Rosemary & Peppermint have your back, literally.

You WON'T find any of the following in these deodorants: propylene glycol, aluminum, fragrance, parabens, propanediol, laurates, hormone disruptors: glyceryl, -pheryl, -butyl, and other nasty synthetic ingredients. 


Apply to underarm stroking in same direction. Designed to last all day. Re-apply as necessary after a workout or shower. 


Lavender Moon

Butyrospermum parkii (unrefined fair-trade shea) butter*, Ricinus communis (castor oil)*, Cera Alba (Canadian beeswax)*, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Maranta arudinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, essential oils of: Lavendula augustofolia (lavender)*, Cymbopogon flexuosus (lemongrass)*.

Get Fresh With Me

Butyrospermum parkii (unrefined fair-trade shea) butter*, Ricinus communis (castor oil)*, Cera Alba (Canadian beeswax)*, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), Maranta arudinacea (Arrowroot) Root Powder, essential oils of: Rosmarinus officinalis (rosemary)*, Mentha arvensis (japanese peppermint)*. 

PLANTiful is an artisan apothecary company based in Edmonton, Alberta.  We make our products in small batches, to ensure freshness and purity. Our products are plant-based and are FULL of them, making them PLANTiful!
LOVE IT - Local, Organic, Vegetarian, Environmental friendly packaging, Intelligent Ingredients, and Transparency with 'Truth in Labelling' practices. We hope you LOVE IT too!
When I began making my own skincare line, it was with the intent to make the highest quality products to help me improve and take care of my own skin! I have chronic primary lymphedema in both legs and have to take the utmost care of my skin keeping it soft, moisturized, and clean to prevent infections and protect my health. What began as a very personal journey, has blossomed into a green business for me and my family, that I love sharing with others!
We could ALL benefit from healthy, nourishing products that work hard to protect our skin and replenish it with nutrients without all the nasty toxins commonly found in skincare. We love how many natural remedies mother nature provides and want to share that with the world through our organic natural skin care products.
The materials we use - from our flowers, wild herbs, plant oils, and ingredients from local farms - to our glass and plantable containers  - each part is selected with the utmost care for you and the environment.


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