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Hoxton Gun Metal Razor- Kent of Inglewood

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We worked with Kent of Inglewood (a great local shave shop) to source the best performing razor at a reasonable price. Hoxton Safety razors are made with robust design and affordability in mind. Each handle is composed of a sturdy Nickel Alloy with chrome plating which allows for rust-free durability.  These razors can be used with any standard safety razor shave and will allow for an incredibly close shave with less irritation and little-to-no plastic waste. The Gun Metal handle has a shorter, hefty grip with texture that provides excellent feedback while shaving.

How to Use

The techniques used with a safety razor is very similar to how you are probably already shaving with a disposable cartridge razor. The key thing to remember is to take your time and try to keep the razor at a 30 degree angle to the skin. 

Don't apply too much pressure - use the sharpness of the razor blade to do the cutting.

ABOUT Kent of Inglewood

Kent of Inglewood's go goal is to provide you with a better life experience. Whether bearded, shaven, or otherwise, they want you to enjoy what you do. For many, that is shaving with a brush and a proper razor. The mission their staff are tasked with is to find the right equipment for you as an individual. If you prefer to keep your proud facial hair, we can help you find the right items to care for it. 

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