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Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste

Product image 1Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste
Product image 2Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste
Product image 3Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste
Product image 4Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste
Product image 5Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste
Product image 6Compostable Flossers- Change Toothpaste

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30 Compostable Flossers made from Corn Starch, packaged in a compostable pouch.

  • ECO FRIENDLY – These floss picks are made mainly from corn starch and packaged in eco-friendly compostable paper packaging; these floss picks focus on minimizing the stress on the environment while providing a first-class experience. The floss is made of silk, making the entire flosser compostable.
  • THIN FLOSS – The thin floss can use between tight teeth and stimulates gums. Textured pick deep cleans between teeth to remove food and plaque.
  • SHRED RESISTANT – Designed to slide easily between teeth without shredding.
  • GIVE A FRESH FEEL – Dental floss picks remove small food particles that get stuck between the teeth and around gums, which can lead to bad breath, for a thorough clean.

Quantity: 30 m

    Directions for use:


    To start, here are three easy steps to follow while
    flossing with dental floss pics:

    1. Use the pick to get between two of your teeth
    and gently press it against your gums.
    2. Slide the pick with an in and out motion to
    remove any food particles from between your
    3. Rinse the floss pick as needed to make sure it
    stays clean.
    Repeat the above process until you have
    thoroughly cleaned any plaque and food particles
    out from between all of your teeth.


    ABOUT Change Toothpaste

    To enable sustainable consumption of everyday items used by everyday people.

    You brush your teeth each and every day. Once your toothpaste tube is finished, it’s thrown into the garbage without a second thought. This action deposits millions of tubes into landfills and ocean systems every year. These tubes are made with 11 layers of plastics, polymers, and resins, which take centuries to degrade.

    Our tablets remove the waste from the paste and help get your teeth feeling naturally clean, fresh, and prepared for anything that may come your way.

    Our tabs are a small change that have a big environmental impact.

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