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Cloth Pad Starter Set - Billette's Baubles

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These beautiful handmade cloth pads are eco-friendly, ultra comfortable, contain no chemicals and are reusable. Plus, they're so pretty to look at and easy to clean. This is a great kit to get you started. 

This starter pack includes :

1-9” Cloth Pad (Light)

1-10” Cloth Pad (Moderate)
1-11” Cloth Pad (Moderate)
1- 7x9” Wetbag with wristlet

All pads are a basic round flare shape (see photos)

8-12” pads are 2.5” width at the snap

These cloth pads are great for your menstrual period, back up protection with a menstrual cup or incontinence protection such as bladder leakage.


Bottom (against your panties):
Soft shell waterproof Fleece
Core: layers vary according to flow
Top: (against your skin):cotton

L- one layer of flannel
M- one layer of Bamboo Fleece
H- two layers of Bamboo Fleece

ABOUT  Billettes Baubles

Dezeree'  Billette runs Billette's Baubles from her craft studio in Washington, US, designing eco-friendly products and creating awareness of the waste on our planet. 

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