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Reusable Baguette Bag - The Market Bags

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Product image 2Reusable Baguette Bag - The Market Bags - LittlePlasticFootprint
Product image 3Reusable Baguette Bag - The Market Bags - LittlePlasticFootprint

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This hemp and organic cotton baguette bag is the answer to bringing home fresh locally baked baguettes, French style! The thicker fabric provides protection, yet allows the bread to breathe to prevent any unwanted mould. 

For maximum freshness, wrap the end of your cut bread in a beeswax wrap or keep the heel (the end of the bread) pressed firmly against the freshly cut end. Wrap tightly in the bread bag. For even better results combine with a bread bin like we do! We regularly keep bread fresh for up to a week using this method.

Approximate size is 29x8'

As all items are handmade there may be slight variations than shown in the picture.

Caring for Your Bag

Caring for your reusable bags properly will ensure a lifetime of use! You don't need to wash your bags after each use if you're purchasing dry items or produce with skins or peels. Turn inside out and shake out any matter and pin them up on a clothes line to air out.

WASHING: All bags are machine washable. Use an eco-friendly unscented detergent and a cold water wash.   

DRYING: The hemp produce and bulk bags should be hung to dry or tumbled on a low heat setting. The hemp bags shrink up slightly. 

About The Market Bags

The Market Bags are a business based in Kelowna, British Columbia that produce a wide range of produce bags using sustainably sourced materials. Partial proceeds from each sale goes towards a local charity to help get fresh fruits and veggies to the families that need them.

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