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Biodegradable Silk Floss-Wowe

Product image 1Biodegradable Silk Floss-Wowe
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6 months of biodegradable silk floss.  Each box includes stainless steel container and 3 refills


  • 100% biodegradable dental floss made from natural silk, natural candelilla wax, and natural essential oils for the flavored floss.
  • Our silk is sustainably harvested. 
  • Each box contains stainless steel container and three refills.
  • Each spool is 33 yards long.
  • Each spool will last 1 person roughly 2 months
  • Built in floss cutter in container.
  • Plastic free packaging.
  • Texture that removes more build up than traditional floss.


While dental floss that is made of plastic may be good for your dental hygiene routine, it's not good for the world around you. Plastic releases toxins into the ground when it's placed in landfills so choosing dental floss made from silk is a more eco-friendly option.

Doing so means that you can maintain a good dental hygiene routine while also helping to take care of the environment that you live in.


Wowe eco-friendly dental floss is made from natural peace silk, this means that it's 100% biodegradable. There is no danger of this dental floss causing damage to the planet. It provides exactly the same excellent dental care experience as any plastic floss.


Peace silk is exactly the same as regular silk, the only difference being that no caterpillars were harmed during its making. Rather than boiling intact cocoons containing caterpillars, peace silk producers wait until the moths reach full maturity and naturally break out of their cocoons.

    Directions for use:


    Pull out about 18 inches of floss, cut on the lid of the container.

    1. Wind the floss around your fingers (no need to get all tangled!).

    2. Slide floss gently up and down between your teeth. *Take care around your gum line.

    3. At the gum line, curve floss into a C-shape against your tooth and gently slide into the space between the gum and your tooth.

    4. Repeat for each tooth.

    5. Cheese to check out those pearly whites.

    *Keep your container for future refills.


    ABOUT Wowe

    Wowe Lifestyle products transpired from our vision of a world in which nature is not only respected and preserved, but leads the way in the preservation of a healthy and responsible lifestyle.

    After our third daughter was born, we began examining our lives for ways in which our daily use of products could partner with nature by limiting waste, reducing the global footprint and preserving natural resources.

    This quest for all things natural and reusable was, and continues to be, the driving force behind us.  Securing our planet’s future for our children and all future generations is a mission that will always be at the forefront of Wowe LifeStyle.


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